Dating skull fractures

19-Jul-2017 22:32

The skull is thick at the glabella, the external occipital protuberance, the mastoid processes, and the external angular process.The skull vault is comparatively thinner than the base of the skull.However, skull fractures may be associated with intracranial hemorrhage, which may create an intracranial space-occupying lesion.In addition, cerebral edema associated with skull fractures is a common and frequently fatal complication of head injury and may develop within minutes or hours of injury.Skull fractures are more easily sustained at the thin squamous temporal and parietal bones,the sphenoid sinus, the foramen magnum, the petrous temporal ridge, and the inner parts of the sphenoid wings at the skull base.The middle cranial fossa forms the thinnest part of the skull and thus represents the weakest part, which is further weakened by the presence of multiple foramina.Severe brain edema or a large intracranial hemorrhage may cause downward brain displacement and coning, which is usually fatal.

The inner table is lined by a thick, fibrous, adherent dura mater.Six-year-old Ellie Butler (pictured) suffered two previous skull fractures before she died including one dating back to when her father Ben Butler was first accused of assaulting her as a baby, the Old Bailey heard today In a 999 call to emergency services, he claimed 'my little girl has fallen down' but the prosecution say he inflicted catastrophic head injuries by throwing her against a wall or by hitting her with a heavy object.Little Ellie is alleged to have been beaten to death by her 'violent' 36-year-old father Ben Butler (pictured together, left, with her mother Jennie Gray) in a moment of rage.Other sites at risk for fracture are the cribriform plate, the roof of orbits in the anterior cranial fossa, and the areas between the mastoid and dural sinuses in the posterior cranial fossa.

Linear fractures, the most common, involve a break in the bone but no displacement, and generally no intervention is required.At the same time, it is essential that suspicion is not raised inappropriately as the consequences for an innocent but accused parent or guardian are significant.