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01-Dec-2017 04:59

The movie entwines two stories that are linked with the same themes, with Eastwood playing a bull rider and Robertson playing a hopeful art gallery owner.

In promotion of their new film, the duo played a truth-or-lie game with Buzz Feed called "Bull or Bull's-Eye." The premise is easy: We read aloud a scenario, and they tell us if it's bullshit or a bull's-eye.

”Currently single, Eastwood, a former model, eschews the publicity circus that engulfs many of his young Hollywood contemporaries. I like to date and be like a normal dude.” At one point he voices his admiration for “people progressively trying to change the world”, so I wonder if he shares his father’s high-profile Republican leanings, but he won’t go there (“I don’t get involved in politics. Next up for him is , Oliver Stone’s biopic of the CIA whistleblower.

He ascribes this to living in San Diego and not Los Angeles. Though tight-lipped about the film, Scott forecasts it will generate controversy (“Oliver Stone is a master at getting people talking”). To research the film, he “talked to a guy who is an ex-NSA contractor.

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The film is the 11th adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel.

Here's what happened: Britt Robertson: Oh, bull’s-eye.

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