Outlook picture not updating updating sony blu ray player bdp s301

05-Dec-2017 23:27

But the heading says Edit Details so perhaps this is right. I navigate back to the original Delve profile page and hit refresh… When building software, and especially software products, it often takes a lot of engineering to create something really simple and elegant like a picture upload. I note that I’ve got 3 windows open: two tabs, and one floating popup with scrollbars. I had set out on a journey, one that took me from Office Delve through the Office 365 Newsfeed to Outlook… The only thing left to do is marvel at what I had just accomplished. In desperation I click my updated mugshot on the top navigation bar and notice I can change my profile picture there too.However, the rules for when the image shows up in Share Point are a little confusing: And then there’s one more rule: If the user has updated his/her profile image within the last 72 hours, Share Point will not show the update until the 72 hours has passed.The reasoning behind the 72 hour delay (according to O365 support) is the extra processing power required to create the 3 sizes of profile images in Share Point.If you read that rule closely enough, you’ll realize that in some cases when you change your profile image in Share Point, it will update immediately in Outlook and Lync, but it won’t do so in Share Point until you try to edit it again (and you can hit cancel) or you wait 72 hours. We have seen this in 3 different Office 365 tenants; 2 that use Dir Sync and one that does not.However, with Share Point Online we have learned that mileage may vary, so I’d like to hear from others.In this case, you should try Kutools for Excel's Auto Text feature, which can save an image as an Auto Text entry and you can reuse it with only one click in future.Kutools for Outlook simplifies your daily email communication through Outlook by adding dozens of handy features.

Microsoft Outlook 20 support users adding or changing their profile pictures/avatars easily.

In O365 there are a plethora of ways to view and configure user profile images.