Sql updating table definition

12-Aug-2017 10:01

Records can be deleted, as can fields and even entire tables: You won't see any warning message, but you will find that the table has gone (a bit too easy for comfort! You might need to refresh the database window as described earlier before the table's entry is removed.

These practical examples have demonstrated how you can manipulate a database's structure and its data by implementing SQL statements with VBA, working independently of the Access query tool.

Thanks CREATE TABLE sample.taceledger ( `runno` INT(10) unsigned not null default '0', `doc_no` DECIMAL(6,0) unsigned NOT null , `doc_date` DATE, `gl` DECIMAL(4,0) unsigned not null , `slcode` VARCHAR(6) not null , `tr` VARCHAR(1) not null , `cr_db` VARCHAR(1) not null, `amount` DECIMAL(13,2)unsigned not null , `revcode` DECIMAL(4,0)unsigned not null , `narration` VARCHAR(30)unsigned not null, `cramt` DECIMAL(13,2) unsigned not null, `indi` VARCHAR(1)not null , `dbamt` DECIMAL(13,2) unsigned not null, `acctype` VARCHAR(1) unsigned not null, PRIMARY KEY (`runno`) )ENGINE=Inno DB; I am getting error #1064 on `indi` line I am unable to clear it can u find some solution I'm making a table with employees for a store.

Only one employee can be the general manager for the store.

In addition to working with the structure of a table, SQL can be used to modify existing data. First, an example of updating specific records by adding a WHERE clause to the SQL statement: As when you added records to the table, Access displays a confirmation message when records are about to be updated.

SQL can be used to make changes to the structure of an existing table. If you take a look at the table's design view you will see that the SQL has also assigned the byte data type to new field. We have added a new field to the table, now we can enter some data.But I was stuck for an idea so I allowed myself an exception to the rule!It is just as easy to delete things with SQL as it is to create them.Thanks,create table Administrator ( admin Id varchar(20) not null, surname varchar(20), firstname varchar(20) not null, departement varchar(20), primary key(admin Id)); Hi, Use this query to create table, which one you want. Hi, I'm looking to have two tables where I manually input the data, and a third table which automatically pulls data from the two manual tables.

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If there are duplicates, then to only pull the record which has the newest time stamp.

it should be enclosed in quotes) and Use Transaction which is optional: The second argument concerns Transaction Processing and assumes True if you omit it.

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