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Kissy Face – Perfect for a guy whose kisses are irresistible. Knight in Shining Armor – A classic nickname that every man will love. Eye Candy – Because when you see his eyes, you always have a taste for something sweet. Hot Chocolate – Just because everyone loves hot chocolate. Oreo – Because he is as delicious as those sweet cookies, Oreos! Chinese social media users will have to wait until November if they want to change their profile pictures, usernames or personal biographies on We Chat, QQ and Weibo, the country’s most popular platforms.We Chat, which has 963 million active users, announced the freeze in a statement on Tuesday, the night before China’s Communist Party congress opened.Pumpkin – I do not know a person who would not like to be called a “pumpkin”. Puppy / Pup – Because he is as cute as a little puppy. Muffin – Everyone loves muffins and he will love this nickname. Doodle Bug – Everyone loves such a cute and sweet bug. This nickname is sure to bring out his devilish smile. Snuggy / Snuggles – Does he love to cuddle ith you all the time? Teddy / Teddy Bear – Perfect for a man who is big and soft. Baby / Babe / Baby Face – A very common pet names for men who have a cute baby appeal. Spongebob – We all know funny Sponge Bob, don’t we? Big Stinky Pete – Now this one needs nothing else to write down. Toastmaster – He knows how to speak in every situation. Peach / Peachy Pie – Who does not love delicious peaches? Snookums – So sweet pet name that it makes my teeth hurt. Dearie – Because he is dear to you and miraculous as a faerie! Hero – For the guy who always protects you and saves the day. The social media giant said it was “for system maintenance”.

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Key to My Life – Is he the one that holds the key to your heart? Heartbreaker – This man knows how to attract ladies. Prince Charming – He can charm almost anybody with his smile. Unstoppable – No one can stop him in the way he chooses. Candy – The perfect name for the man who is as sweet as candy. Casanova – If he’s charming and sweeps you off your feet, this is the perfect nickname for him. Captain – An unusual but charming nickname for guys who like to take charge – or love sailing. Charming – A great name for the guy who knows all the right things to say to sweep you off your feet. Chief – For the guy who likes to take charge, chief is a great nickname. Viking – Because he is a natural fighter with a lot of facial hair. Proton – Proton is meant to a faithful friend forever, like a proton. Pickles – There is nothing wrong with pickles, but it’s not cool.