Who is bob harper dating 2016

02-Nov-2017 17:14

Harper released his website "mytrainerbob.com" in early 2010, a site where people can discuss weight loss and receive training advice.His successful website has led him to the release of his first workout DVD series in May, titled "Bob Harper: Inside Out Method.” Bob Harper has been earning from his profession as a personal trainer as well as an author.He was included in the cast, as an extra in Melissa Etheridge's hit video for the song "Angels Would Fall" from her album . Harper has also appeared in several Biggest Loser DVD workouts.Harper also appeared on the first three seasons of the Australian version of the show.Personal trainer, author Bob Harper then became a vegan in 2010.Moreover, in the same year, PETA voted him sexiest male vegetarian of the year.After this, Bob came to the limelight to the fans, for his impressive performance.Bob Harper is featured as a trainer on the United States version of The Biggest Loser reality television series. Harper has also appeared in several Biggest Loser DVD workouts.

Harper first worked as a personal trainer for celebrity clients, including Jennifer Leigh.

If I don't work out at least six days a week, I'm not the happiest person to be around.

He and professional personal trainer, Bob Harper, have been an inspiring figure to plenty who are looking to become fit by either losing weight or maintaining their physique.

I actually take my own supplements, eat Quaker oatmeal and do my own workout DVDs.

I watched the trilogy so many times, my friends were convinced I was going to turn into a hobbit. Julia Roberts once gave me a flower arrangement that couldn't fit in my car. Bob revealed that he came out to his parents at age 17.

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